3 Ways to get a Genuine Windows 10 (License Key) on Cheap

Is there any other way to save money for someone who wants to install Windows 10 completely, besides buying a formal package? Here are three options I’ve found.

“Option 1”: Buy Windows 7/8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10 for free

I believe many people think of this method, because the legitimate users of Windows 7/8/8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge, so many people in the market began to search Windows 7, 8.1 product keys, so that you can install Windows 7/ 8.1, and then upgrade to Windows 10, although one more step, but at least can save a little money.

The disadvantages of this method are as follows:

  • (1) Install Windows 7/8.1, and then upgrade to Windows 10, more installation time is required ….
  • (2) Windows 7/8.1 users should quickly upgrade to Windows 10 the free, because after the free upgrade activities end, your OEM version can only stay in the Windows 7/8.1 forever.
  • (3) If you buy another language version, you must have the basic reading ability of the language, so as not to understand what the screen says.

In short, now buy official Windows 7/8.1 OS version, regardless of your key is OEM or Retail version, installed and then upgraded to WIN10, is indeed feasible, but also to save up to 80%!

“Option 2”: Buy cheap Windows 8.1 PC/Laptop to directly obtain genuine Win 10


  • (1) Buy the Win 8.1 devices to get the software together, you can save money
  • (2) Even Office 365 may be presented for 1 years, can save subscription fee for Office personal version of 1-year


  • (1) Buy Physical entity online, and need shipping, the process is more cumbersome and high risk
  • (2) with the devices attached to the OEM version of Windows 8.1, the key can not transfer to other machines
  • (3) If the accompanying Windows 8.1, also have a taste of the term problem (free upgraded will end in 2018)!

“Option 3”: Buy a Windows 10 key from Web seller (highly recommended!)

Windows 10 Product Key

Windows 10 Product Key

Now that Windows 10 is officially on the market! Buyers can buy Windows 10 genuine key from “Microsoft China Official Mall” directly. Known as the Official prices for Windows 10 versions is, Professional version is $199.99, as the price for Home version is $119.99. But some online seller claims to sell the Windows 10 Product Keys only, they are genuine serial numbers also come from the Microsoft China Official mall, but the prices are much cheaper, and they even “teach” the buyer how to distinguish between Genuine and Piracy.

Here are the Windows 10 prices from a reputable retailer in the industry – Key1024.com


  • (1) online purchase, fast email delivery, and is the most cost-effective way!
  • (2) The OEM/Retail key is ready to use, install Windows 10 directly to enable, and there is no taste of the term problem!
  • (3) Even has the Windows 10 Enterprise license keys! extra discount on large purchases!


You should be careful to select a reputable seller to do, before the deal must be clear to prevent fraud! Here we recommend Key1024.com to you. 5 Stars trustworthy on the software license market!!

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